1. General Introduction

    1. This Website, as accessed at www.bioteennutrition.com, is
      owned and operated by Bioteen Nutrition South Africa (Pty) Ltd (“Bioteen” or “we”).
    2. The following Terms and Conditions govern the use of Bioteen’s Website, as well as all
      ordering, sale and delivery of goods provided and or sold herein.
    3. Our Privacy Policy governs the access, use, processing, and distribution of all personal
      information, in accordance with and as regulated by the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013
    4. These Terms and Conditions are binding and enforceable against all persons (“users”) who
      access, register, use, and or purchase goods on our Website.
    5. If you are below the age of 18 years and or have limited legal capacity (“persons with
      limited legal capacity”), you are required to have the necessary consent, supervision and assistance of
      a parent or guardian when using this Website. If you are a person with limited legal capacity, and you
      have the aforementioned consent, supervision and assistance of a parent or guardian, you will be held
      liable to this contract, and any obligation arising therefrom will be enforceable against you.
    6. Use of this Website by persons with limited capacity, and without the necessary consent,
      supervision and assistance of a parent or guardian will be voidable at the option of the parent or
      guardian of the person with limited legal capacity as provided for under section 39(1)(b) of the
      Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008.
    7. Personal information of persons below the age of 18 years (“minor child(ren)”) will not be
      collected, processed, stored, and or used by Bioteen without the consent of the minor child’s parent or
  2. Privacy Policy

    1. We thank you for accessing our Website and for your continued support. This Privacy Policy,
      together with our other Terms and Conditions, explain our practices in respect of your personal
      information. By using this website, you confirm that you agree and consent to our Privacy Policy –
      without limitation.
    2. While we respect your rights to privacy, and continually endeavour to effectively protect
      your personal information; in order to provide you with the best products, efficient customer service
      and timely updates, we electronically collect, record, and store the following information upon

      1. Name and surname;
      2. Birth date;
      3. Gender;
      4. City and or country of residence;
      5. E-mail address;
      6. Telephone number;
      7. IP Address;
      8. Credit card and or payment information;
      9. Non-personal browsing habits and click patterns.
    3. In the event of changes to your personal information, we ask that you effect the necessary
      changes and updates to your profile on our Website.
    4. When providing us with your personal information, we ask that you provide us with current
      and accurate information, without misrepresenting yourself and or fraudulently claiming to be someone
    5. Purpose of Collection, Storage and Use of Personal Information
    6. Bioteen will not collect, store, process and use your personal information without your
      express consent.
    7. Subject to clause 2.7 below, we will not use your personal information for any purpose other
      than that which is provided below. Bioteen collects, records, stores, processes and uses personal
      information for the following legitimate business purposes:

      1. Your subscription to our newsletter and promotional content;
      2. Personalisation of our Website such as personalised greetings when you access our
      3. To inform you of inter alia any competitions, promotional content, specials, new
        product offerings and sales of Bioteen’s and or any of our Affiliates’ or partners’ products;
      4. To inform you of any new features on our Website;
      5. To improve your experience of our Website by tracking non-personal browsing habits,
        and click patterns;
      6. For statistical purposes in respect of browsing habits, click-patterns and access to
        our Website;
      7. User verification;
      8. For purposes relating to the ordering, sale and delivery of our products;
      9. For the improvement of our Website’s content, layout and general functionality;
      10. For statistical purposes relating to marketing efforts;
      11. To notify you of any errors, problems or issues relating to, inter alia, the
        placement of an order by you, payment of orders by you, collection and delivery of any products
        or goods sold by Bioteen;
      12. To ensure that the goods are received by the addressee;
      13. To notify you of new product offerings, challenges, and other promotional content;
      14. To provide you with order and delivery notifications when goods are purchased.
    8. Third Party Use of Personal Information
    9. Bioteen will never provide any third party, with access to your personal information, other
      than the following persons and not without your prior express consent:

      1. To our third-party service providers and employees who assist with, inter alia,
        communicating with you via our Website and or e-mail in respect of ordering and delivery of our
      2. To our third-party service providers and employees who assist us with performing any
        of the aforementioned functions detailed in clause 2.6.
      3. To our affiliates and or partners (including their employees and third-party service
        providers) for the purpose of; communicating with you via e-mail or other methods, for direct
        marketing, advertising of their service offerings, new features, and other promotional content;
      4. To any other person, in order to comply with any applicable laws, order of court or
        any other regulation as set out in clause 2.8 below.
    10. We may be required to disclose personal information in order to comply with all applicable
      laws, regulations and court orders. We may be required to disclose personal information in response to
      requests from law-enforcement officials who are conducting official investigations and or for the
      protection of our rights and the rights of others, such as in the case of fraud.
    11. We will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to other companies and or other
      entities as part of our regular business.
    12. In the event that Bioteen is acquired by or merges with another/ other company/ companies
      your personal information may be disclosed to that/ those aforesaid company/ companies, but that
      disclosure will be subject to this Privacy Policy, and any and or all of its most recent amendments.
    13. WooCommerce, along with CM Commerce are our outsourced partners who are responsible for
      processing, storing and using your personal information for the purposes laid out in paragraph 2.5 – 2.8
    14. Information regarding WooCommerce’s policies and terms and conditions can be accessed from
      this link: WooCommerce site
      and data security FAQ – WooCommerce Docs
    15. Information regarding CM Commerce’s policies and terms and conditions can be accessed from
      this link: https://cm-commerce.com/terms-and-conditions/#privacy-notice.
    16. UAfrica is in charge of processing and using your information to facilitate our delivery
      service. To view UAfrica’s privacy policy visit; https://www.uafrica.com/privacy-policy.
    17. While we work closely with our third-parties, we are not responsible for their policies,
      terms and conditions and their implementation thereof. All third-parties and outsourced partners do not
      fall within the control of Bioteen. Bioteen does not accept any liability for any third-parties’ actions
      and conduct which may or may not cause damage to your personal information.
    18. Bioteen also does not accept any liability for any unlawful or unauthorised disclosure or
      processing of your personal information by independent third parties that may or may not be linked to
      our Website. Bioteen shall not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by you, arising from said
      third party disclosure.
    19. Methods of Collecting, Recording and Storing of Your Personal Information
    20. All personal information is collected, recorded and stored either electronically, though the
      use of cookies and IP addresses, or it is provided voluntarily by you, with your consent.
    21. Any and all information that is collected via cookies and IP addresses is not for the
      purpose of your identification, but rather to assist us with our obligations, such as to prevent any
      unwanted attacks on and against your personal information. Most browsers allow you to either enable or
      disable the cookies function, should you wish to deactivate this.
    22. However, please note that certain features on our Website require the use of cookies. Should
      you wish to access our Website’s full functionality, the cookies feature will need to be enabled in your
      browser – without which, your access to our Website will remain limited.
    23. When collecting, storing and processing your personal information, Bioteen undertakes to:
      1. Continually maintain and uphold the utmost confidentiality in respect of your
        personal information;
      2. Implement and maintain all the necessary procedures to secure and protect your
        personal information from unlawful security breaches, accidental loss and or damage,
        non-authorised disclosures, unlawful access, disclosure and processing.
      3. Provide you with access to your personal information, should you wish to view and or
        update any of your personal information;
      4. Notify you of any security breaches, any unlawful access, disclosure, or processing
        of your personal information;
      5. Retain Personal information only for the purposes of online purchasing and orders,
        and subject to your consent, Bioteen marketing.
      6. Not store personal information longer than 18 months, from the date of inactivity,
        unless we are required to do so in terms of any law or regulation;
      7. Securely discard any and all information upon your request or once the period of 18
        months has lapsed;
    24. You can withdraw consent at any time. You can also opt-out of marketing and unsubscribe from
      our newsletter and other promotional content at any time.
    25. Upon your request, we will:
      1. Correct or update your personal Information;
      2. Stop sending e-mails to your designated e-mail address;
      3. Disable your account within 10 working days from receipt of your request.
    26. The above requests can be made either through the use of our “Contact Us” section on our
      Website or through the use of any of our approved contact options. We expressly ask that you do NOT
      e-mail your credit card information, passwords or other sensitive information to us.
    27. Any changes and updates to this Privacy Policy, will be provided on our Website.
    28. Bioteen will inform you of any changes and updates to our Privacy Policy and other Terms and
      Conditions, for your information. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy from time to time so
      that you are aware of said changes and updates hereto. Any questions about this Privacy Policy can be
      directed to info@bioteennutrition.com.
    29. Security and Security Protocols
    30. Should a data breach occur, Bioteen’s Chief Growth Officer, and Data Protection Officer must
      be contacted. He/ she will then institute Bioteen’s data control procedure with our Chief Technical
      Officer and other authorised third parties as required. The breach will then be reported to the relevant
      supervisory authority in accordance with POPIA. Bioteen will also notify all affected persons in
      accordance the procedures set out in POPIA.
    31. Access to security logs are strictly controlled within our development team and outsourced
      partners being WooCommerce.