Bioteen's Mission

Bioteen’s mission is to create premium quality, healthy, nutritional supplements and functional foods for teenagers aged 13 to 19. Products that contain only the good stuff, no artificially anything – and functional ingredients in quantities that work.

Our purpose is to inspire and empower teens to make the right health and wellness decisions to achieve their aspirations and realise their true potential.

Our Story

As parents, we all want to make the right choices when it comes to our children’s health and wellness. We strive to offer them the very best and we want to see them thrive.

A lack of proper nutrition, especially during adolescence, can impact our children’s present and future health and the wrong choices made now could have lasting effects on adult life.

Poor eating habits, lack of adequate exercise, low energy levels, mood swings, insomnia, high levels of anxiety, attention related issues and or disorders, being underweight or overweight, sleep issues, emotional and psychological development, stunted growth and development are all issues which can be caused by poor nutrition.

As a parent of two teenagers, the founder of Bioteen, experienced with his kids many of the issues outlined above and sought to find solutions to these problems. In the quest to find solutions to his children’s dietary and wellness challenges, there were four key areas that helped resolve the problems, namely, finding the right information (getting educated on the issue), getting the right advice (asking the right expert), following a clear and understandable plan and providing the right nutrition.

The right nutrition almost always involved a combination of whole foods and dietary supplements.

In looking for dietary supplements for his children many of the available products where simply unsuitable or undesirable for children. Many of the available products were unsuitable for the following reasons:

    1. Potentially harmful preservatives such as benzoates and sorbates.
    2. Products sweetened with questionable sweeteners such Aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame K.
    3. Unhealthy incidental additives not disclosed on the label. Incidental additives are specific ingredients present at low levels to assist in the manufacturing process which manufacturers are not required to disclose on their product labels. Ingredients such as silicon dioxide is an example of an incidental additive when used in the manufacturing of artificial and natural flavouring agents.
    4. The functional ingredients are present in too small a quantity to be effective.
    5. Cheap ingredients with no quality assurance.
    6. Products containing fillers – ingredients used to bulk up the volume of the product with either no nutritional value or which could be harmful to teenagers.
    7. Excessive sugar used to bolster the flavour or taste experience.
    8. Misleading or inaccurate product labelling.
    9. Functional claims with no scientific evidence to support such claims.

The key issues or problems with existing supplements coupled with the fact that there existed no dedicated manufacturer of supplements and functional foods specifically for teens, is what created the motivation for the development of Bioteen Teen Nutrition, a range of dietary supplements and functional foods formulated with only quality assured ingredients, in the right quantities with none of the bad stuff to provide parents and teens with the right nutritional support. Our products not only contain the right ingredients that really work but are also in a ready-to-mix, great tasting format that teenagers will enjoy.

At Bioteen, we’re about making healthy choices easy for parents so that they can give their teenage kids the right nutritional support to realise their limitless goals and ambitions.

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Ingredient Transparency & Quality (Not All Ingredients Are Created Equally)

Bioteen showcases a relentless commitment to a superior quality product that is both ethical and safe for consumption in the extremely important phase of the lives of teens.

Ingredient quality is a core focus for us at Bioteen because better ingredients yield products that are highly effective and safe. That’s why Bioteen has set the bar high when it comes to the evaluation of our ingredients, from how different forms of ingredients work in the body to where they are sourced and how they have been manufactured. Bioteen has partnered with international suppliers who share our beliefs for quality, purity and scientific research.

  • Ingredient safety: All ingredients used in Bioteen are GRAS certified (Generally Recognised as Safe) as published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Scientifically Researched: we only use ingredients that have been tested in scientific studies to be safe and effective for their intended purpose. 
  • Allergen control: Bioteen products have been formulated with a careful consideration for consumers with specific allergies and sensitivities.
  • Branded ingredients: our key active ingredients are all branded, i.e. trademarked-protected, ingredients. Branded ingredients are manufactured to higher quality standards than generic products and offer higher levels of purity, transparency in their manufacturing as well as clinical research supporting their efficacy. Branded ingredients often provide scientific and educational support that makes it easy for a consumer to learn more about the science behind the specific ingredient used in the making of Bioteen products.

At Bioteen, we have a commitment to quality throughout our entire manufacturing process. Because we source all our raw materials ourselves, we have total control over what goes into Bioteen products. Our manufacturing is then undertaken by carefully selected contract manufacturers who are third-party certified.

Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) certification: CGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the Food and Drug Administration “FDA”. is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. The cGMP acronym originated in the USA, where the US food and Drug Administration wanted to impress upon manufacturers the importance and need for “continuous” improvement to their approach to product quality.

Quality Manufacturing Stamp

Everything that goes into our product is thoroughly tested and sampled by our food scientist and owner. We know and understand the importance of everything that goes into our products and what functionality it serves to the teenage body, scientifically testing every ingredient to ensure a safe and ethical product.

This testing and lab sampling has led us to where we are today (and trust us, there have been some interesting and awful concoctions that we have come up with), a superior quality and excellent tasting product that allows teenagers, with Bioteen, to own the whole day to support their diet. From breakfast to dinner, Bioteen’s product range is a vehicle for delivery for vitamins, minerals, stress minerals, prebiotics and whole food nutrition and other things that teens need.

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Ethical and sustainable practices are of the utmost importance to everyone at Bioteen, not only for the future generations of Bioteens but for the future of our planet. This is why we place such a massive focus upon background checks and due diligence of our partners, manufacturers and suppliers for fair price farming, ethical and sustainable farming practices, fair animal treatment and safety in our ingredients with no harmful additives or preservatives.

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